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99: A blog about Apps for Generation Y

Apps for the Millennials


1. Millennials(Generation Y) uses texting a lot rather than calling
2. They have grown up using mobile rather than laptops.
3. Currently there is not one blog to show what services they can get just by texting.
4. for e.g they would not know about magic, where you can text a number to get any help you need
5. like order pizza , send flowers , book travel tickets etc.


1. You start a blog and review apps like magic and unload  on your blog.
2. You could slowly start reviewing other apps which millennials would like too.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sign up as an iTunes affiliate and when you review other apps, link to iTunes
1.1 and if someone downloads a paid app , you will get a commission.
2. Sell books from amazon which Gen Y will like.. like Automatic wealth for grads, Money – master the game by Tony Robbins.