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94: A Search engine to find trustworthy medical information


1. According to a Pew Research Center study 1 in 3 Americans typed their symptoms
2. into search engines and medical websites before seeing their physician.
3. A lot of times, we want to search for medical information
4. for a problem
5. and we get a lot of results from various websites
6. You are not sure if these websites are trustworthy or not.
7. You wish that the results come from trustworthy websites.


1. You figure out the best medical websites like
2. mayoclinic, etc
3. Then you build a custom search engine using Google custom search engine
4. When someone searches for a medical condition,
5. the results will come only from the Trustworthy websites.

How to make Money:

1. Google provides a commission from the ads on the search results page.
2. Track what people are searching for mostly and show recommended books from amazon.

Some Tips for starting:

1. The Medical Library Association has a list of the best medical websites
2. Google custom search engine documentation is here.