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78: A Website about sports 101

skydive-A Website about sports 101

1. A lot of times many people want to learn the basics of a game
2. Like a football game, chess or Rubix cubing
3, They want to learn because they want to play themselves
4. or want to watch the game, enjoy and join in the conversation in the office.


1. You build a website where you create videos
2. to teach just the basics of any game.
3. Your teaching should be fun to watch and should be easy to understand

How to make Money.

1.0 Have advance level videos, where you teach them tips and tricks to be better at the game and
1.1 possibly beating others. Charge a fee to access this course.
2.0 Sell Sports memorabilia and sports related items sourced from amazon store and get affiliate sales.
3.0 Sell eBooks which are a little bit more comprehensive than the videos

Some Tips for starting

1. Initially curate videos from YouTube and categorize them on your site.
2. Summarize the main points from the video and
3. make the summarized text search engine optimized, so you will get traffic.
4. Once you know that people are visiting, create your own videos.