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We are  going to keep it short… so you could go ahead and do more interesting stuff.. like watch an action
movie or enjoy a fresh, crunchy bag of organic potato chips.

My name is Vijay Peduru, the rebel chief here at ideasU.

I help software Engineers, desk-job-holders to become successful LifeStyle Entrepreneurs

I’m an internet entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast (Some call me a Health Nut) and a Classical Yoga practitioner.

My only goal with ideasU is to make you a successful LifeStyle Entrepreneur.

I define LifeStyle Entrepreneur as…

1. A Person who starts a business on the side keeping his day job,
2. earns atleast $20,000 per month on the side,
3. quits his job
4. works on his business from anywhere . His laptop is all he needs.

5. lives the life the way he wants it.
6. He is not interested in starting a big startup and earning millions.
7. A low 7-figure income like a million per year is good enough for him.
8. A few people who did something similar(started with a one person-blog) are Ramit Sethi, John Lee Dumas and  Marie Forleo

To continue to be a successful LifeStyle Entrepreneur, I continue to hone my craft by learning from the top and most successful entrepreneurs.

My job is to deconstruct world-class entrepreneurs , distill their strategies, tips and hacks and share them with you.


One of my strength which I discovered a little late, is I am fascinated about human behavior i.e How they make decisions, what makes them doggedly pursue their goals etc.

I studied this subject and I mastered it. This enables me to go deep into the minds of successful people and super-successful entrepreneurs and learn their secrets to success.

The tagline for ideasU is “Startup ideas and inspiration for LifeStyle entrepreneurs ”

If I do my job right, you’ll wake up every day a little stronger and smarter than you were yesterday – Manage your moods better,, get a little stronger mentally , and gaining the confidence that you too can become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur.


I want to share with you a few stories from people like you, normal men and women, who had to start their business mostly by accident or by necessity and became successful.

I’m showing you these stories because I want you to know that you’re not alone..

Everybody tries to start a business and fails many times before finally breaking through.

If you are willing to work hard, educate yourself, and stay consistent, you can achieve results that lasts for the rest of your life.

Here are some stories of ordinary people becoming successful entrepreneurs

Ramit Sethi: Ramit Sethi Exposed: How He Earns Millions Blogging

John Lee Dumas: How To Podcast For Profit ($2M Sales In Year 2) With EOFire John Dumas

Marie Forleo: A one-woman business to earning millions

One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.
~ Henry Ford ~


You are capable of great things..

So, Why ideasU

I  had a simple question..:
How to be a successful entrepreneur?

In this search for finding the answer, I read hundreds of books, took lots of paid courses, scoured the giant world wide web.

Time flew by, Nothing much happened.

During this time, I got stressed out, anxious and  life felt incomplete.

Years passed, I started a couple of websites, lost interest and had to shutdown.

I was frustrated and I wondered… I have read so much, but I am not yet successful. Why…

With this frustration, A light bulb went in my head.

Instead of listening to everyone and reading every book and taking every course, why don’t I just study and listen to successful entrepreneurs.

This Quote from one of the best Sufi saint sums it up.

“When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.”
~Saint Rumi~

I decided to change strategy and started to dig deep and peer into the minds of successful entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, my fascination and subsequent mastery of knowing about human behavior helped a lot.

What this skill enabled me to do is, to get into the minds of the successful
entrepreneurs and find out what beliefs drive them and what makes them successful.

I decided to share these lessons to aspiring entrepreneurs like you and started ideasU.

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs told me that getting ideas is difficult. So I started to come up with startup ideas for Lifestyle entrepreneurs and started posting on ideasU.

” Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. “
~ Richard Branson – founder of Virgin Empire ~


My hope is that when you read these Startup ideas, It will do two things
1. You will know that there are unlimited ideas out there.
2. It will trigger your creative juices in your brain and you will get inspired and you will make connections between ideas and come up with your own ideas.

When I research and write about these amazingly successful entrepreneurs, I become so self-involved, that I lose track of time and forget everything around me. This is one measure of success to me.

I derive amazing satisfaction learning and sharing these powerful insights and priceless lessons to you, my readers and future friends.

Some real life stories of Pandora, life is good, Little Mismatched and Steve Jobs which I have researched and written here in ideasU have jolted me and I am awed at these lessons.

I don’t think I would have ever learnt these amazing lessons from any books.

After reading hundreds of entrepreneur stories, One simple thing stands out in all these entrepreneurs.

They genuinely cared about helping people..about enriching other people’s lives.


The technological changes has for the first time in the history of mankind enables anyone to start a one-man startup with almost no money and become millionaires. I am fascinated by this and I love bootstrapping.


Who are BootStrappers :
Entrepreneurs who are working their butts off to start a great business from scratch with no (or almost no) money.
~ Seth Godin ~

ideasU is my effort to help you become a successful entrepreneur by bootstrapping.

Along with a genuine desire to help people.. these great entrepreneurs were “Non-conformists”. They always questioned the status quo.

If you are a person who likes to confirm , this blog may offend you and it would be advisable not to visit it.

If you are a rebel and a non-conformist, I hope you will like this site, as you will meet successful entrepreneurs who had a dislike for the status quo.

So, join in..explore..and hope you will find inspiration from these bold and iconoclastic entrepreneurs…

My one and only objective for ideasU is that..
It will provoke and wake up the slumbering entrepreneur in you to go make your dreams happen and thereby bringing happiness to yourself and the world you affect.


Thanks for stopping by .. One day soon, I hope you choose to make me your friend.

Until then, Let the good times roll! for you.

With gratitude

Vijay Peduru
Rebel chief