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102: An app to stream the best podcasts for aspiring entrepreneurs

Curate and stream podcasts for aspiring entrepreneurs


1. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs love to listen to
2. Entrepreneurship podcasts especially from iTunes
3. during their morning and evening commutes.

4. if you are not sure what Podcasts mean,
5. think of them as radio shows
6. created by different people and organizations.

7. if you have an iPhone,
8. you can open the podcasts app and browse through the
9. growing list of podcasts.

10. if you are on Android,
11. download a good podcast player from Google Play store
12. and check out the podcasts.

13. A few popular podcasts for entrepreneurs are
14. from Tim Ferriss, John lee Dumas and Pat Flynn.

15. These aspiring entrepreneurs want to listen to these entrepreneurship podcasts
16. because they want to learn how others succeeded and want to learn from them.

17. These aspiring entrepreneurs have three problems
18. with their podcasts listening experience.

19. First problem is ,
20. There are too many podcasts out there and they do not know
21. how to find the best podcasts.

22. Second problem is,
23. downloading these podcasts on their phone takes up lots of space on their phone.
24. Each episode can range from 10-30 megabytes.

25. Third problem is the built-in podcast players in iPhone and android are
26. not user-friendly for the listeners.


1. You create a smart-phone app
2. with a nice podcast player
3. Your find out all the best podcasts for entrepreneurs

4. and get their RSS feeds and pull
5. the podcast links.

6. The users who download your app,
7 when they open the app,
8. it will automatically play all the latest episodes.
9. or they can pick and choose which podcasts to listen.

10. Check out this list of best podcasts for entrepreneurs
11. from ProductHunt and Podbay

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Sponsorships : Get sponsorships from startup companies and
1.1 put a small audio ad before the podcast starts.

2. Sell Affiliate Course on how to start an online business : Sell Courses
2.1 which teaches how to build an online business
2.3 from Ramit Sethi, Marie Forleo  Derek Halpern and others
2.4 Most of the time, you will get 50% commissions if someone buys from your link.