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185: Anonymous Advise for Teen’s problems from certified counselors

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1. A lot of teens are stressed out by a lot of things
2. like their studies, Personal life etc.

3. They cannot speak to their parents about these problems.
4. Parents also know this and they wish that when

5. their kids have a problem, they can speak to
6. a friendly therapist whenever they want at the click of a button.


1. This will be a smartphone app.
2. Whenever a teen feels stress and feels like talking to a counselor
3. She opens the app and

4. She is instantly connected to a counselor anonymously.
5. They will not share personal information and will
6. talk anonymously.

7. The Teen’s problems is resolved and
8. The teen is relieved of their problem.
9. Check out for ideas on how to build this app.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Premium version: The free version can be used
1.1 for 5 calls in a month.
1.2 The premium version can be used for multiple calls to counselors.

2. Sell good self-help books from Amazon: Sell self-development books for teens
2.1 from Amazon and get affiliate income.