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75: Anyone can be an travel-agent

travel_Anyone can be an travel-agent


1. Someone wants to buy a ticket
2. and they search all their favorite websites
3. like kayak, Expedia, priceline etc.
4. They compare all the data and try to find the best deal
5. A lot of people out there do not want to go through this hassle
6. of searching all these websites and finding a good deal
7. They wish someone could find the best travel deal for them.


1. People who love to find good deals(travel-deal-searchers) sign-up on your website.
2. People who want to book tickets will visit your website and
3. provide information about their travel like dates, place, no of passengers etc.
4. The travel-deal-searchers search the best deal and provide the information to the buyer.
5. the buyer selects the best deal and buys the tickets.

How to make Money.

1.0 Your business gets 1% and the deal-searcher gets 1% of the ticket price.
2.0 Collect the email address of your customers and
2.1 You can send offers for travel related items like maps,luggage bags etc.
2.2 Link these items to amazon store and collect affiliate commissions.