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Anytime and Anywhere Mechanic for your Automobile -iPhone App


1.Many times if you need an oil change or a minor repair for your car or van,, you would need to go to the Mechanic shop.
2.What if a good and Trustworthy mechanic comes to whichever place you want and does the oil change or the minor repairs you have.


1. Your customer downloads your iPhone app.
2. Let us say he is in the office or at his home during the weekend relaxing,
3. He uses your app to say he needs an oil change at a particular time.
4. You would have the best and trustworthy mechanics in your system.
5. You can use Yelp or services like angieslist to build this list.
6. You autodetect your user location and send this order to a list of mechanics nearby.
7. Any mechanic who wants to do the order picks up the order.
8. The mechanic calls your customer and make sure they both agree on the service.
9. The payment is processed through your system and you pay the mechanic
10. Your customer can rate the mechanic, so the mechanic can get good ratings and get more orders.

How to make Money.

1. You can have a pro version, where you show ratings of mechanics and you will also make sure they get the top 5 mechanic.
2.You can tie up with mechanic shops,so they can send out deals when they are least busy, so they can get customers.You will get a referral fee.