Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

FS 032: StubHub: How Jeff started StubHub at the worst possible time, survived and sold to eBay for $300+ million

  Jeff ran out of money and was not able to pay his employees. On top of this, his company got sued, yet he kept pushing forward and succeed and sold StubHub to ebay for $300+ million. Let us check out how he did it.   What you will learn from this episode: How he discovered … [Read more...]

192: Automatically share Photos of your vacation day with your friends and family

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Many people when they go on vacation 2. Would like to share their photos every day on their 3. Facebook or Instagram account 4. But when they come to their hotel room at night, 5. They are tired and cannot post their photos. 6. They would love, if there is an … [Read more...]

FS 031: Clark’s Botanicals: How Francesco who was paralyzed, sad and dejected built a multi-million dollar business

  Francesco Clark was living a happy lifeĀ  but suddenly his life was hurled and turned upside down by an accident leaving him paralyzed and not able to move 95% of his body, Yet he built a multi-million dollar business. Let us check out how he did it.   What you will learn from … [Read more...]

191: Auto-remove bad photos and Auto-backup photos on smartphone

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Many of us have smartphones and 2. We take lots of photos 3. And the phone space gets filled up 4. What if there is a way to automatically clean up 5. bad and blurry photos and then 6. automatically backup and 7. delete the photos to clear … [Read more...]

FS 030: How Aaron started part-time and made a “sure-to-fail” business successful and sold for $160+ million.

  Microsoft and Quicken were leaders and giants with lots of cash and marketing power in the personal finance software business. Yet, Aaron took on the giants and built a "sure-to-fail" business and sold to Intuit for $160+ million.Let us see how he did it. What you will learn from … [Read more...]

190: Meal planning for kids made easier

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Many Parents are stressed out 2. to plan their kids meals 3. especially if kids are going to school 4. They are not sure what to pack to school 5. and once they come back from school, what food to cook Solution: 1. You will build a smart-phone app 2. Once … [Read more...]

FS 029: Instagram: The fabulous story of a girl, a stray dog and a beach to $1 billion in 2 years

Kevin worked on his startup idea close to 2 years but it didn't take off. He took a risk, scraped his old idea and went with a new idea, which he found almost by accident. It was a hit and Facebook bought it for $1 billion. Let us check out how he did it.   What you will learn from this … [Read more...]

189: FlipBoard for doctors

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. A lot of doctors would like to 2. know the latest news and trends in their specialty 3. Right now, they subscribe to different magazines 4. and they visit different websites to read the news and trends 5. They would love, if they could see all the news 6. in … [Read more...]

FS 028: Hershey’s Chocolates: A fourth grade dropout ,and a farm boy to a world-famous billionaire chocolatier

Milton Hershey started many business and failed in all of them. Any one else would have been crushed by these failures but not Milton. His passion kept him going and he became one of the richest person in America. Let us find out how he did it. What you will learn from this episode: A … [Read more...]

188: Scan a prescription and find its side effects

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Millions of people take prescription drugs and 2. They would like to know about the drug's side effects, 3. so they can be prepared if the side-effect happens. 4. but currently it is a little cumbersome to find this information. Solution: 1. This will be a … [Read more...]