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79: Automate all your health related information

Sports_Automate all your health related information


1. For most people their health information is stored on their health providers website.
2. That website is very basic and it just shows basic information like
3. their test results, when they last reordered their medications etc.
4. basically it just displays information
5. It does not proactively remind them things like , when they should go to their next physical exam ,
6. when they should reorder medications,
7. it doesn’t analyze their vitamin D levels from blood tests and
8. remind them to walk in the sun etc.


1. You create a solution similar to Mint, but for health related information.
2. customers sign up on your website and they provide their online id/pwd of their health care provider
3. You pull the information from their health care provider website.
4. You analyze the data and
5. alert them about things like when to make their next appointment,
6. when to do another blood/urine test, when to reorder their medications etc.

How to make Money.

1.0 Sell Related products : Give the product away free, but email them health related products
1.1 related to their medical conditions and if they buy them, you get a commission from each sale.
2.0 Pro version: This will have extra features like warning them of
2.1 any new research about the medications they are taking or
2.2 if any new advances have been made for their existing medical conditions.