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Automatic daily phone alarm as per school timings

Set phone Alarm as per school timings


1. Many middle schools and high schools start at different times each day
2. for e.g Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 8:30am,
3. Wed and Thursday at 9:00am
4. Sometimes due to some events, the school starts at 9:30am.
5. it is difficult for the students to keep track of the timings.


1. You build an iphone app.
2. The school kid downloads the app and
3. selects  his school.
4. While developing the app, use scraping software and
5. Scrape the calendars from all the school districts websites
6. There are about 13,00 school districts in the unites states
7. and store the start times, end times for each day.
8. Based on this, you set the alarm clock daily at the right time
9. The alarm will ring at the right moment and the kid can wake up at the right time.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Whenever the student checks the next day’s school time, Show iAds on the app.
2. Sell books from Amazon about study hacks and books about How to get into good colleges.