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Automatic Family Tree builder


1. A lot of family tree websites like and require you to manually build family trees.
2. How about an automated way to build your family tree.


1. Your customer comes to your website and enters his facebook, twitter and linked-in login details
2. You connect to facebook and the other social media sites and pull his friends.
3. if his friends have same last name, you add them to the family tree
4. Your software analyzes the facebook posts and establish the relationships
5. for e.g, if he addressed someone as uncle or Aunty, you put the relationship in the tree
6. Once others in the same family join, you connect two family trees.

How to make Money.

1.You can have a premium version, where you can show address and contact details of people in the family tree.
2.Once you have lots of traffic, you can get sponsors on Home page.