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Automatic Money Saving Tips

A lot of us signs up for a service like mobile, internet and cable and we forget about it,
How about a website to save money automatically.

1. You sign up and you will get a unique email id
2. You forward your bills to this email
3. The website finds out the type of bill and the company
4. it searches for deals from the same company and will notify you if there is a lower price than when you signed up.
5. If it a Cell phone bill, it will suggest the lower minute plan,
6. if will also send you the customer service#, the link to the lower price
7 . You just call up the company to change your plan
8. You saved money and you can buy an ice cream for a week with that money.

How to make Money:
1. You can send other companies deals and you can get an affiliate commission for referring.