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115: Automatic Trip planner

Picture - Automatic Trip planner



1. A lot of people would like to go on trips
2. but don’t like planning the details
3. like what to see on what day ,
4. what time to wake up and go, what transportation to take etc.


1. This will be a website and an iPhone app

1.1 once he signs up on the app, the app will provide him an email address.
2. The user emails their itinerary or if he has no itinerary
3. he will open the app and enter the places he is visiting and
4. the dates on which is planning to visit these places.

5. He will immediately get an awesome well-planned trip plan.
6. He will know at what day he has to start , what attractions to see and
7. in what order for each location.
8. He will also know, what transportation to take and what time he can be back in his hotel.

9. In the app, he can also modify his plans
10. by removing the places he does not want to see
11. and picking the places he wants to see and
12.the app will recalculate and will give him a new plan.

13. To build this app, you can use data from WikiVoyage
14. WikiTravel  , OpenStreetmaps and Mapzen

12. Your user  plans his trip with your Automatic trip planner
13. and enjoys a great vacation with his family. Hoo.. hoo!

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Affiliate Credit Cards with miles : Partner with credit card companies
1.1 who provide airlines and hotel points and
1.2 show these credit cards to the users. if they apply and get it,
1.3 you will get affiliate commissions.
1.4 You can also show them credit cards with no international transaction fees.

2. Coupon Book : Sell a coupon book for $19.99 to use in the destination city.
2.1 Make sure you provide great value with the coupons , so they can save at least $200
2.2 Follow Scott’s example – Scott McMurren makes a sizable money
2.3 with selling coupon books for visitors coming to Alaska on his website