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Best alternate Medical treatments


1. A lot of people have health problems
2. For certain problems there are cures in alternate medicines
3. Currently there is no website
4. to list all the alternate medicine treatments for a given health problem.


1. Your site will have a search box similar to Google.
2. Your customer enters the health problem
3. Your website will show all the alternate medicine treatments available
4. Additionally Build a community with discussion boards for your customers who are seriously interested in alternate medicine.

How to make Money.

1. Make discussion boards highly active and get sponsors for your site.
2. You will have a paid version with extra features

  • ..where you list the best rated alternate medicine practitioners.
  • educational videos and articles

Some Tips for starting.

1. Pick one problem like diabetes
2. There are a lot of discussion boards online where people are scrambling for a cure
3. You teach them ,that diabetes will lead to heart-attacks, kidney problems and other issues
4. You can show them how to cure diabetes by Naturopathy
5. Once someone gets cured, get their testimonials and these positive messages will become your marketing.