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176: Buy Discount Movie tickets

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1. A lot of people
2. would have bought cheap movie tickets
3. from Costco , their employers or as gifts
4. and would not be using them
5. and would like to sell them off.

6. At the same time, a lot of people would love to buy movie tickets
7. at a discount
8. especially , If they are going out with a group of friends,
9. Since they would save a lot of money.
10. These movie lovers would like a smart-phone app
11. where they can purchase discount movie tickets


1. This will be an iPhone/android app
2. Users will download the app
3. and when they want discount movie tickets
4. they will open the app and the app will
5. automatically detect their location and will ask them
6. how many tickets they need and
7. it will show if any discount tickets are available.
8. and they can buy them immediately.

9. Nowadays most of movie tickets are e-tickets
10. So they can be transferred easily.

11. To make sure no one sells fake tickets
12. the seller will be paid only after the buyer uses the ticket.
13. If a sellers sells too many fake tickets,
14. he will be banned by tracking his mobile number.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Get a percentage of Sales : When someone buys the ticket,
1.1 Get 2% of the sale price

2. Ads : Show iads on the app