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169: Buy last minute discount Groupon coupons for Tourist attractions

Buy last minute discount Groupon coupons for Tourist attractions


1. A lot of people would go on vacations and visit a
2. lot of attractions.
3. They would love to get discount tickets to these attractions
4. If they go to Groupon , living social or other sites,
5. they may not get the coupons as that offers have expired on Groupon.
6. They would love if they could get these coupons from someone who had bought them earlier
7. in Groupon and Livingsocial and are willing to sell them now.


1. You will build an iphone/Android app
2. After the user downloads your app
3. He will put in the destination city he is visiting.
4. He will get the Groupon, Living social and other deals.
5. He will buy them and
6. He is happy he save a lot of money.
7. Sometimes these discounts are so good, that he saves 50% or more than
8. The regular admission price.
9. To make sure sellers are not selling fake tickets,
10. They will only get paid after the buyer uses the ticket.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Get a cut of the sales : When someone buys the deal, you can
1.1 take 2% of the sale price.

2. Sell Travel Guides from Amazon: Once they buy the deals and since you know
2.1 what places they are visiting, sell them travel guides from Amazon and
2.2 you can get affiliate income.