Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

155: Can your startup be aquired?

Pirate Penguin_with his treasure bountyProblem:

1. Many Startup founders dream of selling their company
2. to a big company
3. They are not sure what type of companies the big companies buy


1. Your website will list all the startup companies acquired in the last 3 years
2. All the companies will be tagged by keywords
3. for e.g was aquired by amazon. this will be tagged as books startup.

4. If a founder wants to find out if a company similar to his has been acquired
5. he issues a search and your website will show all the acquired companies similar to his company.

6. You will also show a short description on what this company did and why it was acquired.
7. CrunchBase has information of acquired companies, Take the base data from here and
8. for each company, write a small description of this company and why it was acquired.

9. The founder starts to build his company along similar lines and
10. sells his company to the big company and is happy!.

How to make Money.

1. Extra information: Charge money if the founder wanted
1.1 more detailed information of an acquired company

2. sell related books : Show Books which will be helpful for
2.1 founders from amazon and get affiliate commission.

3. Full service: The founder will pay a fee to you and you analyze and tell him similar companies
3.1 which were acquired and what he can do to increase his chances of getting acquired.