Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

200: Podcasts from Entrepreneur AMA’s (Ask me Anything)

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. AMA 's are where an entrepreneur answers any questions 2. from the audience. 3. There are a lot of AMA's i.e "Ask me anything" from entrepreneurs 4. especially on Reddit  but these are all in text format 5. There are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who 6. do … [Read more...]

199: WordPress plugin to automatically find good images for blog posts

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. There are a lot of bloggers out there, 2. Who would like to get pictures for their blog posts 3. Right now, it is a little cumbersome process 4. They go and search many free stock photos website 5. And finally pick a picture which they like 6. What if there … [Read more...]

198: Buy Stock Photos from locals

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. There are a lot of stock photo websites 2. which sell stock photos. 3. There are some businesses and ad agencies 4. who want hard to find photos 5. and would love if locals--i.e anyone living in that area 6. can provide those photos 7. For e.g, if someone … [Read more...]

197: Humorous Digital Get Well greetings

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. A lot of people buy get-well greeting cards 2. For their friends and family who had surgery and 3. recovering in the hospital. 4. The Patient is already depressed, so instead of the 5. Boring "Get well" cards, a lot of people want to 6. Lighten up the … [Read more...]

196: An easy way to get Post Surgery updates

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. When someone is having a surgery 2. Friends and family keep enquiring everyday and 3. Keep calling the patient's wife or whoever is staying with the patient 4. wanting to know the updates. 5. They have to keep repeating to everyone 6. about the patient's … [Read more...]

195: Find the best banks for college-bound Teens

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Many parents would like to open bank accounts 2. And also get credit cards for their teen kids who 3. Would be going to college after their high school. 4. They would love to learn about 5. good banks and good credit-cards which 6. Are teen-friendly like … [Read more...]

194: Instantly find emergency hospitals where a person’s insurance is accepted

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. A lot of people when they have an emergency health situation 2. Want to find out which emergency hospital will accept their insurance 3. These are called "in-network" emergency hospitals. 4. Going to a hospital which is not 5. In their insurance's network 6. … [Read more...]

193: Stock photography site specializing in just Ariel photography

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Currently all the stock photo websites sell regular photos 2. A lot of people are looking just for Ariel photos and videos 3. And there is no stock photography site which specialize in 4. Ariel photos and videos Solution: 1. You will build a website to sell … [Read more...]

192: Automatically share Photos of your vacation day with your friends and family

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Many people when they go on vacation 2. Would like to share their photos every day on their 3. Facebook or Instagram account 4. But when they come to their hotel room at night, 5. They are tired and cannot post their photos. 6. They would love, if there is an … [Read more...]

191: Auto-remove bad photos and Auto-backup photos on smartphone

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Many of us have smartphones and 2. We take lots of photos 3. And the phone space gets filled up 4. What if there is a way to automatically clean up 5. bad and blurry photos and then 6. automatically backup and 7. delete the photos to clear … [Read more...]