Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

190: Meal planning for kids made easier

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Many Parents are stressed out 2. to plan their kids meals 3. especially if kids are going to school 4. They are not sure what to pack to school 5. and once they come back from school, what food to cook Solution: 1. You will build a smart-phone app 2. Once … [Read more...]

189: FlipBoard for doctors

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. A lot of doctors would like to 2. know the latest news and trends in their specialty 3. Right now, they subscribe to different magazines 4. and they visit different websites to read the news and trends 5. They would love, if they could see all the news 6. in … [Read more...]

188: Scan a prescription and find its side effects

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Millions of people take prescription drugs and 2. They would like to know about the drug's side effects, 3. so they can be prepared if the side-effect happens. 4. but currently it is a little cumbersome to find this information. Solution: 1. This will be a … [Read more...]

187: Quora for startup founders

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Aspiring founders who want to start a business 2. Or who already have a business face lots of problems in their business and 3. they would love if other successful entrepreneurs 4. could help them solve their problems. 5. They could go to Quora but Quora is for … [Read more...]

186: A podcast to squash rumors

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Nowadays , with lots of social media and news outlets, 2. People hear lots of rumors and 3. are not sure which rumor is true and which is false 4. They are anxious to find out if a rumor is true or not. 5. which investigates and explains if a rumor … [Read more...]

185: Anonymous Advise for Teen’s problems from certified counselors

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. A lot of teens are stressed out by a lot of things 2. like their studies, Personal life etc. 3. They cannot speak to their parents about these problems. 4. Parents also know this and they wish that when 5. their kids have a problem, they can speak to 6. a … [Read more...]

184: Scan a multi-vitamin for bad ingredients

  Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. Even though a lot of multi-vitamins are sold on the market 2. Some of the ingredients if taken for a long period causes harm to the body. 3. A lot of people are not aware of it. 4. What if there was a simple app to let them know the 5. harmful ingredients … [Read more...]

183: Quick Fitness exercises for Software engineers while they work

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. A lot of software engineers suffer from back pain , 2. neck pains, Carpal tunnel syndrome and 3. other joint pains. 4. Those who have this pain would love if someone could 5. teach them simple 3-5 minute exercises to relieve the pain. 6. Those who do not … [Read more...]

182: Recommend what foods to eat based on blood test reports

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. A lot of users do blood tests and 2. when they get their results , 3. they may have vitamin and other deficiencies. 4. They would not be sure what foods to eat to naturally take care 5. of these deficiencies. 6. They would love if someone can advise them 7. … [Read more...]

181: Watch a YouTube recipe using Voice commands

Full Transcript idea/Problem: 1. A lot of people watch YouTube videos for recipes. 2. Most of them, they keep their phone or iPad in the kitchen 3. and they pause, rewind multiple times and 4.since their hands are dirty, their phones or iPads get dirty too 5. They wish there was  an easier … [Read more...]