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72: Collect all photos from a party from all your friends

dance-collect all photos from a party from all your friends


1. Many times we go on a party with friends
2. Each one takes pictures in their own camera
3. After the party, each go their own way and
4. the photos remain on their phones and
5, they won’t be shared with others.


1. You create an iphone app
2. When a group of friends go to a party
3. They download your app
4. Once they finish taking the photos.
5. they will open your app.
6. All photos in smartphones have geolocation data i.e..
7. all photos will have the location where the photo was taken
8. Your app will read all the photos and organize them by location and date
9. Each location and date combination will be a photo album.
10. The person who went to the party, just selects the photo album
11.and uploads it to your website.
12. He invites his other friends and they will upload the photos
13. to the same album

How to make Money.

1. Have a paid version of the app with extra features like Automatically transfer their photos and clear space on their phones, automatic photo enhancementsand automatically remove badly shot photos,

2. When the app is organizing and uploading photos, show ads from iAds.