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87: Complimentary services for the products you already bought

Complimentary services for the products you already bought


1. Many times people have products like credit cards or internet service providers
2. Which already provide a lot of free services
3. and the majority of people are not aware of these amazing free services
4. which saves them time and money.
5. for e.g Visa provides complimentary personal assistance service 24/7 to
6. book restaurant reservations, buy sports events tickets or deliver flowers to a lovely lady.
7. and AT&T internet service provides free Symantec anti-virus and malware software.
8. Personally, I too have AT&T internet service and
9. I didn’t knew about the free Symantec antivirus software and
10.I spent money and bought Norton virus software!(Hey, I could have donated to my favorite charity)


1. You will build a website and also build an iPhone/android app for this
2. where your customers will enter the products they have and you will
3. show them all the complimentary services/products they can receive.

How to make Money:

1.0 Once they enter the products they have, show them
1.1 competing products with more complimentary services
1.2 If they sign up, you will get affiliate commission.
2.0 Request users to register on your site using Facebook sign-in and
2.1  allow him to to search only for 3 products..
2.2 if they would like to search for more products, charge a one-time fee of $1.99 for providing this service.

Some Tips for starting:

1. Determine the common products most households have
2. Hire a Virtual assistant to find the complimentary services for these products.