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175: Detect if airlines are lying about delays and get compensation

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1. A lot of times, when flight gets delayed, they
2. cite the weather as the cause.
3. What if they are lying and wrongly blaming the weather.

4. If the traveler can find out if it is not the truth,
5. he can get monetary compensation.


1. You will build a smartphone app
2. The user downloads the app and he emails his Itinerary.
3. The app will track his airline and if there is a delay,

4. It will then track other airlines which are departing
5. from the same airport to the same destination and
6. will also check the departing airport for any delays.

7. If other flights are leaving to the same destination on time
8. And the destination airport does not have any delays,
9. It will let the user know that his airlines may
10. not be telling the truth about his delay.

11. He can contact the airlines to tell them that they
12. did not tell the real reason for the delay and
13. airlines generally provide an upgrade or provide compensation.
14. The user is happy that he used your app.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Donation: Ask for a donation from the traveler.

2. Pro version: The free version can check only 3 airline delays in a month.
2.1 The pro version can check unlimited flights
2.2 you can sell the pro version for $4.99

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3.1 an affiliate and sell them discount coupons for restaurants
3.2 You can google for “restaurants deals affiliate” and you can find these affiliate partners.