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Easy Car insurance Comparision


1. Many People want to lower their car insurance
2. but they feel lazy to research and find a good agent
3. or go online to do price comparison.
4. Most of them are lazy because
5. When they call an agent, the agent is going to ask them all the details about their current policy
6. and they have to repeat this information to all the agents they call.


1. Your customer downloads your app
2. He takes a picture of his insurance policy from your app
3. Your app converts the policy into text and reads all the information
4. Your app finds the best rated insurance companies
5. and also shows the comparisons of features from his old and new policies.
6. The customer is happy and buys the insurance.

How to make Money.

1. Since you act like an agent, the insurance company give you a recurring commission from each policy.
2. You can add renters and home insurance policies later on
3. Get an official sponsor.

Some Tips for starting.

1.Initially to test the idea, create a one-page website
2.You list a email address and users will email the policy(photo they took) to this email address
3.When you receive the email you will know the sender’s email.
4.You manually go to  esurance or leaky , do the research and send them the quotes.
5.Once you start getting more orders than you can handle, you know there is demand
6.Put a “Relaunching soon” page
7.Most of the insurance companies have quote data, which you can get.
8.Do research on similar services like esurance and leaky , you can partner with them too.
9.Build your working site now.