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113: Eat your food as per USDA nutrition guidelines

Picture - Eat your food as per USDA nutrition guidelines


1. A lot of people would like to eat well
2. and stay healthy

3. They don’t know what to eat
4. They get lots of confusing information about what to eat.

5. Why don’t you advise them based on
6. USDA’s dietary recommendations (U.S. Department of Agriculture )


1. Build an iPhone app
2. The users( mostly moms) will download and register themselves in the app.

3. When they register, they provide basic information about themselves and their family
4. like how many people are in their house,
5. their ages, whether they are vegetarians , vegans etc

6. After this , the app will automatically create a shopping list for a week
7. based on USDA’s nutrition guidelines and USDA’s food-a-pedia data

8. USDA’s nutrition guidelines contains information
9. on what to eat and how much to eat daily
10. for e.g the guidelines state that the daily intake of food
11. is not more than 2000 calories
12 and whole grains should be atleast 6 ounces per day.

13. USDA’s food-a-pedia data contains nutrition info for over 8,000 foods.
14.for e.g food-a-pedia knows that 1 cup of “Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal” has
15. 188 calories, 20 are empty calories,
16. added sugars are 70 calories and sodium is 209mg.

17. use this information from both these USDA sources and
18. create a custom shopping list for your customer.

19. USDA’s nutrition guidelines can be downloaded here
20. USDA’s food-a-pedia data can be downloaded here

21. The user should be able to choose alternatives
22. to the items your app recommends on their shopping list.

23. The mom who downloaded the app is happy that her shopping list is ready
24. without much work
25. She cooks very healthy meals for her, her husband and her kids and
26. she is super-happy.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Give app away for free and add sponsors : Partner with healthy food companies and
1.1 show their products in the shopping list.

2. Premium version of app : Sell a premium app version for $4.99
2.1 It will have the following premium features
2.2 Allow them to pick other nutrition guidelines like Paleo,
2.3 Atkins, South beach, Weight Watchers, The zone etc.
2.4 Once they pick their diet plan,
2.5 Keep showing them latest news about their diet plan too.