Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

131: Entertaining and Summarized Video Business books


1. Lot of people want to read business books,
2. but they are always pressed for time, plus it feels boring to read them.
3. What if they can be converted to video and make it interesting to watch.


1. First summarize the best business books.
2. One easy way is to Subscribe to all the best book summary companies like Audio-tech, Soundview and GetAbstract and get ideas to summarize.
3. Then create videos.
4. To create Videos, you would need good pictures
5. do a search on public domain or CCCO license pictures and
6. you will get a lot of websites like pixabay, Pexels etc
7. Once you have the pictures, create the video
8. For video creation you can use any of the
9. free and easy video creation software like Windows movie maker in windows
10. or iMovie if you are using a mac.

11. Make your videos like an engrossing movie where ,
12 you include uplifting music and fun scenes,
13. Music elevates the human emotions.

14. once these are ready,
15. Your customer will use your iphone app or website and searches for a business book.
16. He gets a 5 minute summarized video of the business book and
17 enjoys it completely, just like enjoying a great movie.
18. The customer for the first time in his life is delighted by
19. a business book and wants more.

How to make Money.

1. Sell Full books : There are a few people
1.1 who would like to buy the original book.
1.2 You can sell that book (Pandora sells full songs when you listen to radio)

2. Premium Version: You can have a premium paid service,
2.1 where you can provide extras like transcripts, extra videos for the book etc.

3. Subscription service: Provide a subscription service where you
3.1 send a Video book summary every week or twice a month.