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Feedly for your YouTube channel subscriptions

Feedly for your YouTube channel subscriptions


1. A lot of people subscribe to YouTube channels
2. in their YouTube account.
3. Whenever they go to YouTube,
4. They see other videos and get distracted
5. and their time gets wasted
6. They would prefer a Feedly style app
7. Where they would see only their YouTube subscriptions
8. And nothing else.
9. Since Users love Feedly, they should like this solutions for Videos too


1. You will build an iPhone/Android app
2. The user will open the app and authenticate with his google account
3. You connect to YouTube and pull all his subscribed channels
4. He will only see the videos in his subscribed channels
5. You use the YouTube Api’s  to build your app

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Pro account similar to Feedly pro – You will extract the audio from
1.1 these videos and they can listen to just the audio
1.2 They can organize these feeds into collections
1.3 They can share videos to all social networks
1.4 Charge $4.99 per month.

2. iAds : Occasionally, Show iAds at the bottom