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90: Find a date based on your interests

date-find a date based on your interests


1. Almost all dating sites requires the users to register
2. and then the users updates their profile with their interests and hobbies
3. The website matches them with similar profiles and recommends a few dates.
4. or the person who needs a date, keeps browsing through a lot of profiles
5. before finding a good date.
6. This is very time consuming way to find a date.


1. your website will be a little different
2. Users register on your website with their Facebook login
3. They will also provide their twitter id and Pinterest id
4. You scan their Facebook feeds, twitter feeds and Pinterest pins and
5 determine their interests like what type of restaurants they like..
6. what movies they like, what their hobbies are etc.
7. You then match the boys interests with a girl with similar interests and
8. recommend it to the boy.
9. for eg if the boy likes Indian food(Umm, hot samosas) and also likes action and comedy movies.
10. You(your software) will match him with a girl who likes the same.
11. The boy and girl meet, hopefully get married and live a happy life forever. all thanks to you!

How to make Money.

1. Charge a monthly subscription charge. Keep sending them good recommendations(dates) often
2. to keep them subscribed.
3. Sell Virtual flowers(HotorNot made lots of money like this). so, the boys can gift it to the girls

Some Tips for starting.

1. For inspiration, Check-out how HotorNot a different kind of dating site. started and made millions.