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168: An app to find date-friendly restaurants and book a table too

OpenTable for date-friendly restaurants


1. A lot of young people would like to go out on a date
2. And not sure which restaurants are date-friendly and which are not.
3. They would love ,
4. if there was an app which can help them quickly pick a
5. good date-friendly restaurant.


1. This will be an iPhone/Android app.
2. When the user downloads and opens the app
3. It will ask what type of restaurants he prefers like American, Italian , French etc.
4. It will then show the best restaurants and
5. will show how much the average bill is too.
6. If he prefers, the app can also send a uber to pick up his date and
7. drop her at the restaurant too.
8. To build the app , you can use any restaurant reservation apis like Opentable api’s .
9. You can google for opentable Api or restaurant reservation api’s to get these api details.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Freemium model: The basic app can show 3 restaurants per month.
1.1 The premium version will show unlimited restaurants and will have extra features
1.2 like It can send a uber to pick up his date and drop her at the restaurant, deliver flowers etc.

2. Sell them Good books on dating: Write your own book “11 ways to have a nice date out”
2.1 Initially show them good books from amazon and get affiliate income and you can later
2.2 sell your own guides