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85: Find Health history of a patient during an emergency

nurse-Find Health history of a patient during an emergency


1. Many people are afraid that if an emergency arises
2. and if a new doctor examines them, the new doctor will not know their health history
3. and may not give proper treatment.


1. You buy a 1-800-number and also build a website.
2. your customer comes to Your website, registers and gets a userid/password
3. He then proceeds to enter his basic health information like per-existing conditions
4. and then the medications he is taking in your website.
5. If your customer is involved in an emergency situation,
6. the doctor will call or text to your 1-800-number followed by the patients phone number
7. A text message will be sent to the patient’s phone with his health information
8. The doctor can see the patients medical record and treats the patient appropriately.

How to make Money:

1.0 Charge a small yearly fee like $9.99/year for storing the data.
2.0 sign-up for a amazon affiliate account
2.2 and once in a while, recommend new tools(e.g Blood glucose testing strips,Cholesterol monitors etc)
2.3 Which will help them cope with their ailments.

Some Tips for starting:

1. People are a little scary to provide medical information to any third-party website
2. you have to build your website and branding as very trustworthy.
3. Study how mint– a personal finance website which was sold to quicken made its users
4. to provide them their complete financial information.
5. Mint’s customer shared their internet banking passwords too.