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Find Jobs easily using your social circle – Browser Plug-in


1.  You find a job on a Job site
2.  You would love to know if anyone in your social circle is working in that company.
3.  There is not an easy way to know this now.


1. Your customer registers on your website
2. He links his account to his Linkedin and FaceBook profile
3. He downloads a browser plugin to his browser
4. Behind the scenes, your software scans his network
5. Your software scans upto 6 degrees of separation
5.1 and stores the names and company names.
6. When your customer goes to job site and sees a job, he clicks on your plug-in
7. You show who in his social circle works at the company.

How to make Money.

1.You will have a paid premium version where you will give extra features
1.1. Extra features like scan 6 degrees of separation(free version does 4),pre-defined email script to send them etc.
2.You create a paid e-book – “How to use  your social networks effectively to find jobs”