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103: Instantly find the best restaurant or coffee shop to meet a friend

find a good restaurant or coffee shop to meet


1. Let us say a person wants to meet
2. his friend or he wants to meet a new person.
3. They find that they live a little far away – probably an hour away

4. The decide to meet somewhere in the middle, but
5. they are not sure which restaurant or coffee shop to meet.
6. They open up google maps and after some searching find a middle location.

7. Then they have to use Yelp and
8. look for a good restaurant or coffee shop in that location.
9. This is time consuming and frustrating.

10. I personally had this problem
11. A friend of mine,who lives an hour away from me,
12. visited a place about 45 minutes from me.

13. He called and asked if we can meet for lunch.
14. and asked me to pick a middle location for both of us.
15. It took me about 15-20 minutes
16. to find a location and a good rated restaurant.


1. You build an iPhone app
2. Once the app is downloaded and opened
3. it will ask for the following information
4. 1st person’s location, 2nd person’s location, what time they want to meet
5. and it will also ask for the type of restaurants they both like.

6. Once these details are entered,
7. the app will instantly display the location which
8. is in the middle and convenient for both
9. and it will display a few good restaurants where they can meet.
10. To find the restaurant, it will search yelp reviews and
11. displays the restaurants and coffee shops with the best ratings.

12. He can pick the restaurant or coffee shop, which he likes and
13. he can send the place and address to the other person whom he is meeting
14. They both meet each other and have a good time.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. Sponsored results: Restaurants and coffee Shops can advertise on your site and
1.1 You can show them at the top of search results but explicitly say them as ads

2. Sponsorships: Get sponsorships from coffee shops and show them alongside the search results.