Tips and Hacks from Super-Successful founders

96: Find your top 5 mentors

Find your top 5 mentors_boxing



1. A lot of people believe in the axiom “They are the sum total of 5 people they hang out with”
2. This means that if they want to move ahead in their life, they would need to hang out with..
3. people who are way ahead of them and can help them move ahead and not drag them down.
4. but the problem is they do not know who those five people are.


1. You build a website and an iPhone app
2. Your website visitor enters what he wants to improve in his life
3. Your website will match with the top five influencers in this field
4. and it will build a dashboard of their
5. blog feeds, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram feeds
6. He can then create an account and regularly login to his dashboard
7. and follow his five Virtual mentors.
8. slowly he will absorb their thinking and his thinking changes dramatically
9. and eventually he becomes super-successful. Hooray!.

Money1_Treasure_ChestHow to make money:

1. Build an iphone app and show ads on the app.
2. If they want to have more than five mentors, charge them a nominal $4.99/month
3. Write a book called “How to advance your career in 30 days” and sell for $9.99.
3.1 In this book, Show people how being in the company of great people will make them great too.

Tips1_Penguins_flyingSome Tips while starting:

1. To collect data on the best influencers and bloggers
2. Use Feedly or pulse,
2.1 They have already categorized the best bloggers by category.
2.2 You take this list and add categorizeĀ  these bloggers with more of your
2.3 custom categories.
3. then get these bloggger’s Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts