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86: Fool-Proof way to find out what new features to put into a product

product-fool-Proof way to find out what new features to put into your product


1. When a company wants to put new features into their product
2. they sit together with their team and brainstorm and
3. everyone comes up with ideas and finally all of the ideas
4. are vetted and a few features are chosen
5. This is very time-consuming and after adding the features
6. customers may still not like the new features in that product.
7. What if there is a way to find out from the customers themselves without asking them!.


1. You build a website and your customers
2. who have a product , enter their product name and their competitor’s product names
3. You scan the whole internet and collect information from wherever customers are
4. complaining about some features of this product.
5. You sift through all this information and
6. organize all the complaints by removing duplicates..,
7. by counting the no. of complaints for each feature etc.
8. This final list will be the list of features which customers need or want to be improved.
9. You give this list to your customer and he is very satisfied.

How to make Money:

1.0 Provide the first 5 features for their product for free,
1.1 if they want to see more features, charge them a nominal fee.
2.0 Charge extra fees if they want to search their competitors products too.