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FS 004: Monster Audio: From Jobless and broke to a multi-millionaire


Can a person born to Chinese immigrants who was broke and no job, build a 100million-plus business with his passion for music. Check out how Monster Audio’s Noel Lee did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Should he leave his high paying job and pursue his passion of music
  • When he was broke, did he start looking for a job or did he stick to pursing his passion even though he was a failure before.
  • How his own problem gave rise to his successful business idea
  • His was a brand new product category and non-one believed him. You will find out how he convinced the consumers and made them feel the difference.
  • How he devised an ingenious way to get a loan, when he had orders but no money to manufacture his product. It was a risky move.

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