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FS 005:TreeHugger: Tiny Green movement blog to a $10million blog


Can you build a high trafficked blog with your passion and also make money.
Graham Hill did it with and sold for $10 million. Here is how he did it.


What you will learn from this episode:

  • How his own problem lead him to start this blog
  • The key difference between his blog and the others out there. This USP alone propelled him to be highly successful and we can use it in our business too.
  • Should you target the masses or should you niche down and discard the customers you don’t want to serve.
  • Why having a very niche target market was helpful to make more money.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Tribes by Seth Godin – This book helped Graham to choose what types of customers he wanted to choose and whom not to choose and thought him to build a community with this tribe.

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