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FS 007: LittleMissMatched: Wacky Mismatched socks idea to a smash hit with 30+ million in revenue

Can an insane idea of selling mismatched socks succeed?. Who would want to wear them.. right?

Wrong..,Jonah Staw proved it will succeed by building LittleMissMatched and generating multiple millions.

Let us see how he did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How he got the idea and why he loved it even though it was a weird idea.
  • How he focused on one particular target market.
  • How he convinced a big store to carry them when they rejected his products. He could have gotten angry and dejected, but he devised a solution. This is classic.
  • How he knows that they are not in the socks business but a different business. I think this way of thinking will help us in our business too.
  • His strategy of dealing with failures. There is some deep meaning in the way he looks at failures.
  • What one thing keeps him moving forward in-spite of all the problems he faces.

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