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FS 010: Chobani: How an immigrant with simple yogurt business beat the giant companies and became a billionaire


We all heard about internet unicorns –the billion dollar– valuation companies.

but can that be done with a non-internet business that too with a simple Yogurt business. Hamdi Ulukaya an immigrant proved it can be done and became a billionaire.

Here is how he did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • The one business lesson he learnt from his father which spans generations.
  • How he got the idea by comparing the yogurt in America and his Yougurt his mother made in his country.
  • How a junk mail triggered him to pursue the idea
  • Did he buy, when no-one dared to buy a closing factory.
  • What he did to save money
  • Why he spent many months painstakingly working on his recipe.
  • How he decided on the price for his yogurt.
  • How he marketed when he had very less money

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