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FS 015: Nobu Restaurants: Chef Nobu’s fabulous rise from Suicide-attempting Restaurateur to HollyWood Celebrity Restaurateur to multi-millionaire

Nobu a poor boy , dreamt of opening his own sushi restaurant. He started a few restaurants, but all of them failed He attempted suicide but it was averted . He pulled himself up and opened a fourth one and it became wildly successful and generated millions. Let us see how he did it.


What you will learn from this episode:

  • How his mother inspired him with the love of cooking.
  • Why he accepted a menial job even though it was not a chef job
  • Why he had to invent his own variations of sushi in a foreign country where he opened his restaurant
  • What did he do when he had to decide about making profits or provide good, fresh food.
  • How a disaster stuck and made his life painful
  • What made him attempt suicide and what saved him
  • With all his failures, how he started afresh as an employee.
  • How he became a Hollywood celebrity entrepreneur.

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