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FS 016: : The rags-to-riches story of Jim – A Bartender to a highly-successful multi-millionaire


How did a bartender became a millionaire, Jim McCann transformed 1-800-FLOWERS from a small struggling floral shop into a multi-million dollar flower and gift business. Did he plan it and did he have the desire to become a millionaire?. Here is his story.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What lead him to think of owning a business rather than work on a job
  • What did he do to make sure if he will like owning a business.
  • What did he do when he did not have the money
  • Did he leave his job or did he work part-time first
  • How he made a foolish mistake that would have brought the company down.
  • How he handled competitors.
  • How he got an idea from Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shop to get more customers.
  • What he did to get loyal fans – This is awesome as he did this before the internet era. Almost all 7-figure successful internet entrepreneurs do this now.
  • How he is ahead of the competition by adapting latest technologies.

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