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FS 018: LifeisGood: Living in a van, eating peanut butter sandwiches to a $100+ million company – The story of Life is Good and the power of optimism

Is it possible to invest $200 and make millions from a simple message of “Do what you like, like what you do” and also bring happiness to millions of people.

Let us check out how two brothers Bert and John Jacobs did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How his mother was an inspiration when they had several agonizing problems
  • What did they do when they were not sure what career to pick after college
  • Why they picked a particular niche to focus on
  • They trick they ponied up to make sure they spent as much less as possible.
  • What did they eat most of the time to keep expenses low
  • Where did they sleep to keep the expenses low
  • What did they do when everyone else around them were well-settled and rich while these brothers were still poor and not sure if they will succeed.
  • How they stumbled on the “Life is good” message
  • What does “Life is good” really mean – is it just a positive message, Actually it is not the self-help rah-rah we hear, it is something very deep and powerful message.
  • Why being transparent and humourous help them a lot
  • How the power of optimism their mother showed by her actions helped them in their business and in their life.
  • Where did they setup their first warehouse – You will laugh at this.
  • What keeps them moving ahead even in dire situations
  • A touching message from a fan – You will be touched by this. Guaranteed ( assuming you are from planet earth!)
  • Taking their message outside of their business when disaster stuck America.
  • What does CEO mean at their company – it is really good.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Life is Good: The Book – A book by the founder brothers Bert and John Jacobs. Pretty inspiring read.

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