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FS 022:Pandora Music: The extra-ordinary story of how Tim went from a Penniless Nanny to a billionaire

Tim started his career as a Nanny and was playing in bands as a side hustle. He saw the agonizing problems his fellow musicians were facing and he started Pandora.
He faced several problems and he came very close to shutting it down, but didn’t.

Let us see how he did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Why he took up the nanny job
  • How he supplemented his income with his music skills
  • The problems he saw his fellow musicians were facing.
  • How he moved from Nanny job to providing music for small movies.
  • What made him decide to pursue his idea
  • How he made his idea real even though it involves lot of manual work
  • What he did when money ran out and he cannot pay his employees
  • What he did when a lawsuit was filed against him
  • What made him to keep pushing forward
  • What did he do when disaster stuck again and came very close to shutting down Pandora.

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