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FS 023: How two friends totally broke and inexperienced became millionaires with their super-simple dating site


Can you be cheap and scrappy and yet build a business that is both fun and makes millions. James and Jim built HotorNot by bootstrapping all the way and came out with creative ideas to save themselves from shutting down.

Let us check out how they did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How they got their idea after a party
  • How they got a domain name which they did not like much
  • How they seeded their website with good pictures
  • How they hid their server when they had to handle more load.
  • How they found a solution to reduce bandwidth cost when they were at the brink of shutting down.
  • How they turned a money draining problem to a money-making solution
  • A strategy they used to get free hosting.
  • What gave them the idea for deciding on the price for the service
  • How they found an unique idea to make more money.
  • Did they start in a house or was it a big office

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