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FS 024: Minecraft Games: How a depressed, introverted Geek started a side hustle hobby game and sold it for $2+ Billion

Markus started the game Minecraft as a side project, while working on his day job.
He had personal tragedies during this time.Yet he kept pushing.

Later he sold for 2+ billion. Let us see how he did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What sparked his interest in games
  • What his mother did when he failed to finish high school
  • How he landed a job with a game maker
  • What skills he learnt on the new job, which will help him later
  • A new discovery he made on how games are being made.
  • How he liked a game and decided to make it better
  • What he did when his bosses pressurized him not to pursue his own game development.
  • How he named his game as MineCraft
  • How he watched others play and improved his game
  • How he got fans for his game
  • What made decide on the unique pricing for the game.
  • Why he released the game even though it was not ready
  • How he handled himself when a personal tragedy stuck him.
  • Why he built a separate virtual avatar for himself.

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