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FS 026: Wufoo : A simple form-creation idea started with little money and later sold for $30+ million

Three friends started Wufoo with less than $20k, while still working on their day jobs.
They faced lot of hurdles with lots of uncertainties. Finally they sold the company for $30+ million. Let us find out how they did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How they got the idea at their job
  • When they had no money,how an insight while listening to Jason Fried of Basecamp gave them an inexpensive way to start.
  • Should they build the product first or Audience first
  • Should they quit their jobs or should they continue to work on their product part-time
  • Tussle with Paul Graham of Y-Combinator
  • Will Y-Combinator select them
  • How they focused on building Wufoo with as much less money and as fast as possible
  • How they got their fans
  • How they handled the Negative feedback from users in a major tech blog.
  • How they differentiated themselves form the competition
  • Why they studied human relationships to build Wufoo

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