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FS 031: Clark’s Botanicals: How Francesco who was paralyzed, sad and dejected built a multi-million dollar business


Francesco Clark was living a happy life  but suddenly his life was hurled and turned upside down by an accident leaving him paralyzed and not able to move 95% of his body, Yet he built a multi-million dollar business.

Let us check out how he did it.


What you will learn from this episode:

  • How his happy life came to an end when he was celebrating his success.
  • The mental agony he felt when he though about what he did
  • Who his hero was ,who gave him the inspiration to live.
  • What did he do to regain his voice back
  • The deciding moment when his life turned around
  • How he got the idea for his business from his own problem
  • What kept him moving forward in all these painful situations
  • Why he chose a particular niche luxury market
  • A surprise email from a celebrity
  • How he works when he has to do lots of therapy and cannot move.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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