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FS 032: StubHub: How Jeff started StubHub at the worst possible time, survived and sold to eBay for $300+ million


Jeff ran out of money and was not able to pay his employees. On top of this, his company got sued, yet he kept pushing forward and succeed and sold StubHub to ebay for $300+ million.

Let us check out how he did it.


What you will learn from this episode:

  • How he discovered his entrepreneur bug at an young age.
  • Why he switched jobs when he didn’t like his first job
  • Why he decided to go back to college
  • How a Casual talk at lunch gave rise to the idea for his startup
  • Why he decided to drop out of the competition at his college, even though it would have given him lots of exposure.
  • What they did to get money to start inspite of the dot-com crash a few months back
  • The 3 early realizations about the market that made them to pursue the idea
  • Their first money making idea was a dud and what did they do
  • What did they do, when they got letters from State general attorneys stating what they were doing was illegal.
  • The new strategy they devised to make money and also beat the competitors
  • What they did to get traffic
  • A major disaster from a competitor and how they handled it.
  • When hearing lots of viewpoints, should he go with his gut or listen to them.

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