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FS 033: Whistle: How a seemingly gimmick business – Fitbit for dogs got started and sold for $100+ million

If you look at it , Fitbit for dogs seems like a gimmick business. Who would think that this will become successful. Yet Ben Jacobs proved that this is a worthwhile business and started it and finally sold it for $100+ million.

Let us see how he did it.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How he discovered the size of the pet market at his job
  • How he got the idea for fitbit for dogs
  • How his personal incident with his dog convinced him that this is needed
  • What did they do when the website name was not available
  • How to test the product with pet owners without spending lots of money
  • What they focused on while building their app.
  • What did they do when they faced a very tough competitor.
  • What did they focus on to build trust with customers

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