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FS 034: Plenty of Fish: How a one-Person startup generated millions in profits and later sold for $500+ million

There were huge dating websites with plenty of cash and thousands of employees.

Can one person and a new entrant take on these giants and still succeed and make millions with zero employees.

Markus Frind did it with
Holy Apple Pie!, How did he do it. Let us check out his juicy story.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • His poor living conditions as a child
  • How the tech bust of 2000 affected him
  • How he accidentally found a popular dating website
  • What prompted him to start his own dating website
  • Why he wanted to create a stable life for himself
  • Why he started his hobby website
  • How he got traction
  • Why he abandoned his hobby for a while and restarted again
  • His radical approach for his business
  • Why he left the bad design on his website
  • Where did he focus his efforts to make it viral
  • How he could run a lean operation when it took lot of computer and humans for his competitors.
  • How a controversial news gave his lots of exposure.

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