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111: Funny and Humorous digital Greeting cards for Tech Geeks

Funny and Humorous digital Greeting cards


1. There are a lot of technology geeks who would like to send
2. funny and humorous digital greeting cards to their friends
3. who are also technology geeks
4. Currently , there is no website or app for this.

5. Almost all the digital greeting card websites and iPhone apps
6. show all types of greeting cards and do not specialize in
7. funny or humorous greeting cards just for tech geeks.


1. You build an iPhone app and a website
2. you can just specialize in funny and humorous digital greeting cards
3. for Technology geeks.

4. Design your app and website to look humorous too.

5. You cannot come up with funny quotes and funny jokes by yourself.
6. Here are two ways to do this
7.  first way, search for funny technology quotes in google and use these quotes

8. In google, search  for technology one-liner jokes and Tech Humor
9. Second, Search Reddit TechHumor  ,Users post
10. lots of technology humor in this sub-reddit.

11. Read them , get inspired and create your own
12. Once you build a user base, ask them to submit quotes and jokes for the cards.

13. For setting up a store, Just install WordPress and install a greeting card store theme

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneyHow to make money:

1. iAds:  show Ads on the free version
1.1 and they can send 2 digital greeting cards per month.

2. Paid Version of the app – This version will not have ads
2.1 charge 99c for each card.

3. Print cards : Partner with companies like Zazzle or Lob to…
3.1 print physical cards and ship them
3.2 Charge them $2.99 per card.